Welcome to the City of Camp Wood Website
The City of Camp Wood is the heart of the Nueces Canyon region.
Serving residents of the city with Water, Sewer, Garbage and Governmental Services.

City Officers

Mayor : Jesse Chavez

Pro Temp : Josh Cox

Brianna Taylor • Juan ( Mafy ) Gomez • Johnny Wooldridge • Domingo Tobar

City Employees

City Secretary : Jamie Hidalgo
Code Enforcement Department Contact / Municipal Court : Becky Yates
Animal Control Department Contact : GG Gonzales
Solid Waste Management : Arvil Terry
Street Maintenance : Gary Dalton

Now Hiring - 07/08/2015 - See News and Events for more information

Community Announcement - 08/19/2016
Consumer Confidence Report Tceq Certification Of Delivery For Calendar year 2015
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